From here on you can forget about what other DJ companies look, sound and make you feel... Over 70% of brides in hindsight wish they had done more research before choosing a DJ. Pick us apart and you'll find that very few can compare. The person you call, email, and with which you meet, is your DJ. It's not a salesman that passes your event off to someone else.



Multiple Professional Sound Systems
We only use the best sound systems to bring you the top quality sound.  These systems will deliver a full sound that will make you feel like you are “in” the music without hurting anyone’s hearing.
Coverage Of Wedding and Reception
We offer multiple systems so that we can cover multiple areas (e.g. ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and even the hard to reach places around the corner and down the hallway).
Extremely Large, Legal Music Library
The songs you hear are always 100% legal and paid for by us.  It is very large and as comprehensive as we can possibly make it.
Wireless Microphone Systems
Lastly, we use premium wireless microphone systems to bring all the spoken or sung words to life.  We want the people in the back to hear what is being said without having to blast the front row.



Up Lighting
Adding a certain color, or even multiple colors to your wedding will make your event pop.  Being able to control the colors and the intensity of the colors allow you the ability to choose the look and feel.  From bright and vibrant to a romantic glow, this is a very flexible option for decor lighting.  These also can be used as dance lights.  From pulsating, to a slow color fade.
Monogram Lighting
This option adds a personal touch to your event.  With you, we help design a custom logo and convert it to a very noticeable light to be shown almost anywhere.
Dance Lights
We have lights that “dance with the music” and lights that rival the latest and greatest clubs.  From the “whole shebang” to just a few simple dance lights, we can cover it!

Photo Booth

Couples love them because it allows the opportunity to have pictures of all their guests.  Not everyone gets to be in the formal shots, so this is a great way to have a “picture guest book”.
Your photo booth can be customized to have a logo, date, saying, and/or design layout.  There are many layouts to choose from as well as personal logos that can be custom designed to be printed with each photo.
Video and Wi-Fi
Our booths come with the ability to do video messages.  Your guests can leave their best wishes as well as advice for your marriage.  Also, when available, our booths can upload images to Facebook.  It’s a great way to share your day through social media.

MC/Emcee/Master of Ceremonies

Knowledge of the Event
We review all the foreseeable details of your event before anyone gets on a microphone.  Being able to confidently keep the night flowing is very important to to feeling of your wedding.  We double check all the pronunciations beforehand.
Making sure that everyone is on the same page is key.  We will work with your wedding planner, maid of honor, or whomever you have chosen to help run your event.  If you’d like us to run the show, we can do that too!
Your preference is our command.  If you’d like us to be front and center, getting really involved with your guests, we will.  Contrastingly, if you’d like us to hang back and just set the mood with music, we can do that too!  It’s your day, you choose.

Our “Extras”

Picture and Video Slideshows
We offer production and/or implementation of picture and video slideshows with or without music.
Games are a great cocktail hour entertainment feature or reception highlight.  From jumbo jenga to bocce ball, we’ve got a lot to choose from!
Dancing on a Cloud
One of the most memorable  features we provide.  Perfect for getting amazing first dance photos!  Safe, clean, harmless, and odorless.
Custom Mashups and Remixes
For when you want that special musical number to fit that very special occasion.  We can engineer a mix to fit your featured moment.