I would say that a successful wedding reception is one where the guests never leave the dance floor, and that’s what Dan and Sgt. Brown Entertainment provided for us! Everyone we talk to said it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding, and we attribute that to Sgt. Brown for knowing our crowd, what they wanted to hear, and for keeping the party going.
From the first meeting that we had with Dan, he was accommodating, professional, and extremely catering to our vision for our big day. He responded quickly to emails and calls, was willing to meet with us as much as we wanted, and he took his job seriously. He told us that he had one chance to get it right, and we felt completely comfortable trusting him with that responsibiilty. And he didn’t disappoint!
My husband and I are so thankful for Sgt. Brown Entertainment for their flexibility when the party went later than expected, for being at our rehearsal, and for making the music and sound one less thing we needed to worry about!


Fresno DJ Wedding - Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound


Dan Brown is the BEST in the biz! He went OVER & above to accommodate my hubbie & I at our wedding, played a majority of the songs our guests requested prior to the wedding. He was a blast to work with, a joy to be around & went way beyond what was required. The lights, the mics & sound were perfect for our outdoor country wedding! Dan we love you!

-Rory and Rachel

Taylor Wedding Frewno Wedding DJ Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound

Dan’s willingness and flexibility was what first attracted us. He reviewed our schedule, gave very valuable input, and then double- and triple-checked to ensure that everything was ready to go as we had requested it. Not only did he come prepared to our event, but also he poured his heart into making sure that every single part was a success.
Knowing that he had everything under control was huge for us, as a DYI wedding. Dan made sure that the evening flowed well and was very flexible on the fly to ensure that any hiccups in other areas of our reception were covered over by his amazingness. We were extremely happy with his services!  (Bryan)

One of my biggest concerns in planning our wedding was picking a DJ, because a DJ can pretty much make or break the event. I found Sgt Brown on wedding wire and we met with Dan for a consult. We found Dan to be a great guy with a fun personality. He is very thorough in everything he does, and even came to the rehearsal/dinner to make sure he had all of the right music for the ceremony and then provided music for our entertainment. Our wedding and reception turned out great, and we had a dance contest and other games provided by Dan to help keep things fun. I would definitely recommend this DJ!! (Bonnie)

-Bryan and Bonnie Taylor

Shane and Katherine

I wasn’t sure how to go into this whole wedding thing. Dan met with us and helped us through the entire process. Just like he says, he is a friend, soundboard, troubleshooter, wedding coordinator, teacher, and an awesome DJ! He gave us suggestions, made phone calls for us, found other vendors that we could trust, and made us feel comfortable the whole time. He came to our rehearsal and taught the entire wedding party how to walk down the isle! Then he turned around and set up his equipment the next day, ran the ceremony flawlessly, made the transition to the reception (which was over 200 yards away) to usher people over to the area that they needed to be, and kept people dancing on the dance floor all night long! I could not have asked for a better vendor to help us through the wedding. 10 stars for SGT Brown Entertainment and Sound!!!!

-Shane and Katherine

Fresno Wedding DJ - Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound Outdoor Wedding


Dan and Richard new exactly what we wanted.  They kept our guests dancing all night long!  Luckily, we had a venue that didn’t mind us going until two-thirty in the morning!  If could do it all over again, we would choose Dan and Richard hands down.  These two are on the ball, punctual, fun, and even made our parents feel at ease with the craziness of all that goes on putting on a wedding.  Thanks again guys!

-Jon and Yui Lee

Fresno Wedding DJ - Outdoor - Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound - Clovis - Reception - Quality

We are so glad that we went with Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound. We had an outdoor wedding reception and the speakers were placed perfectly so that everyone could always hear the music. We provided Dan with the songs we wanted played, and he accommodated us without question. Initially we told him it was going to be low key, with a receiving line and no dancing. Later on that night, my wife and I decided to dance a little bit, and when others joined in Dan was all over it and turned up the music a little, and adapted even though it wasn’t what we told him would happen. If anyone is looking for a DJ who will accommodate them, go with the flow of your wedding then Dan is the man for you. He’s easy to get a hold of. He set up well in advance so there was no stress beforehand wondering if everything would be ready. Dan was the perfect DJ for us!

-Jens and Aprille Nelson


Fresno Wedding DJ - Sgt Brown Entertianment and Sound - Mason Bonham Wedding

Dan and Richard did awesome! They both were very helpful from the very beginning of planning my wedding to the end. During the ceremony and reception they did exactly what we had discussed prior to the wedding. The guests all commented how great the music was and how professional they were. I had my ceremony outside on the 18th hole of a golf course and they had speakers out on the grass and then the officiator had a little microphone clipped to his suit so everyone could hear him. All the guests commented how wonderful it was to have a microphone on the officiator so they could hear exactly what he was saying. I have nothing but POSITIVE comments to leave about these two guys! They made my wedding perfect!!!! Thanks!

-Jeremy and Heather Mason

Fresno Wedding DJ Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound

I sat down with DJ Dan to tell him what I wanted for my wedding reception music, and I was probably all over the place – saying I wanted a vintage-old school-big band-crooners-type of vibe.  He understood my vision immediately and offered specific artists and song examples.  Not only were my grandiose wishes fulfilled, but everyone at the reception was able to sing, dance, and enjoy the perfect mood-setting music.

– Russell and Janice Berndt


Fresno Wedding DJ Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound

The music was fantastic! Everyone was dancing and singing along to the music!  The set up and tear down was very quick. I was very impressed on how fast everything was set up and ready to go. You guys were very organized with all your equipment and worked well as a team!  It was phenomenal and I had people dancing and singing inside as well as outside during the party. It went above my expectations! Thank you again!

– Samantha Martin

Fresno Wedding DJ - Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound

Thank you guys so much! You did such a good job! You guys kept everybody moving and I know everyone enjoyed the music. You were sensitive to my needs and wants and you did great with helping in those areas. I give you a 5 star rating!! Everything was cleaned up quickly. The party was hopping! Professional like always.  Thank you, thank you. That night was the best.  The music was great and the guests had fun. I remember quite a  few guests using Facebook me thanking me for all the fun they had. We had great night!

– Tony and Kang Thao

Fresno Wedding DJ - Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound

Seriously?! They were great! More then I ever expected!   They were entertaining and professional. I would totally recommend them to anyone.  Oh, and one more thing…I was pleased with the variety of music they had also. Dan is the best DJ ever!

– Rob and Toni Givens

Fresno Wedding DJ - Sgt Brown Entertianment and Sound - Barrow Wedding

Dan and Richard were beyond amazing! They put up with my long list of songs I wanted, played the correct ones at the correct times, and kept EVERYONE on their feet the entire time! My husband and I didn’t even stop dancing until our own reception was over and we were planning on leaving about an hour before that.They went above and beyond what we were expecting. All I have heard were positive things from everyone and no complaints about a single thing. The lighting effects were great, and they were very friendly and set up and took stuff down quickly. If I were to go back and get married all over again, I would definitely still pick them. Thank you for everything you did!

-Collin and Cindy Barrow